Organic meat from species-appropriate farming

Organic beef

Cattle and calves live on organic farms monitored by HiPP. In this natural environment, the animals get plenty of exercise in the fresh air. Species appropriate farming promotes the natural immune system and health. Fattening agents are strictly forbidden. Our animals only receive natural organic food.

Organic pork

HiPP only uses products from animals with a documented record of perfect healthy throughout their entire life-span. The size of barns and space to move about in, the number of animal groups – all these are chosen according to the physiological needs of the pigs.

Organic poultry

It is not only the keeping of animals in conditions appropriate for their species and in harmony with nature that makes a chicken an organic one. Nutrition also plays an important role. HiPP organic chickens receive organic food to which no preventive medicine has been added. They are free to move about, scratch and sand-bathe and their breeding conditions are constantly inspected by veterinarians. Turkeys are also allowed to live as nature intended. They live outdoors with plenty of space to move about in. Of course, they only eat organic grains.