HiPP Organic Quality

Organic - the best for your baby

It’s all about a little person with an extremely sensitive little system. And that is exactly who the food should be for. Babies need healthy food that tastes good and does not contain any unwanted ingredients. HiPP has realized that more than 50 years ago, and has been a producer of the highest quality organic baby food since then. The soil is carefully chosen, the seeds are untreated, fruits and vegetables ripen in peace and develop their flavor. The organic meat for HiPP Menus is produced with the same care.

260 tests for your peace of mind. 

Even stricter, even more exact and even more reliable – parents can trust the HiPP Organic Seal absolutely. The contents of each jar goes through a total of more than 260 test (also by independent test institutes) in order to guarantee this level of security. With this, HiPP surpasses even international legal requirements for organic farming. That applies to everything from grains to peas, from milk to apples. HiPP experts work closely with organic farmers, from as early as the choice of soil and seeds, to the planting process and through till harvest and delivery. Only when lab tests show that the products are flawless, will the raw products be released for processing. The result of these efforts is high quality organic baby food, strictly tested for residues. “I guarantee this personally”, Claus Hipp assures you on his organic seal. On top of that, our strict testing means that parents can trust this promise unconditionally.