1899: The origin of a great idea

HiPP bakery in Pfaffenhofen

In the second half of the 19th century, grandfather Joseph Hipp (1867 – 1926), who came from Günzburg an der Donau, worked in a bakery and candle shop in pfaffenhofen – a shop he later took over himself.

In 1897, Joseph Hipp married Maria Ostermayer, a woman from Pfaffenhofen, and together they laid the foundations for a family with many children. After the birth of a daughter in 1898, twins were born in 1899 that had nutrition problems. Their mother had problems with breastfeeding, which is why their father tried to solve this nutrition problem.

As a creative baker, this was not too difficult for him. He baked rusks and made his own rusk flour. With the rusk flour, he enriched the milk which then became much more filling. The twins survived and thrived, as did the next 5 children!

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