Environmental programme 2011-2013

TitlePeriod   Status
Company goalds are complemented with sustainabilityApr 2011 Done
Packaging materials - packages - shredder material instead of packaging filmApr 2011 Done
Battery-operated forklifts (in inside areas, for outside area biodiesel-run forklifts) May 2011 Done
Implementation of campaign days on the topic of sustainability and biodiversityMay 2011 Done
Pasteurisation: reduction of energy use (comparison current with future) May 2011 Done
Waste in technical school disposed of appropriatelyJun 2011 Done
Promote native trees/bushes + façade greening wherever possible Nov 2011 Done
Intranet: pages on sustainability Dec 2011Done
Replace disposable pallets with reusable onesDec 2011 Done
Year's goal: general reduction of raw material wasteDec 2011 Done
Information for employees in intranet about use of electricity , CO2 values, figures etc.Mar 2012 Done
Development of environmental data for assessment of HiPP packagingApr 2012 Done
Rules for business trips (favour train journeys, avoid flights)Apr 2012 Done
Vehicle policyMay 2012 Done
Nesting boxes on company grounds: idea worked out with LBV (distance from production)Jul 2012Done
Insect hotels: idea worked out with LBV (E-court, rice path, outside of location)Sept 2012Open
CO2 labelling for salad buffetSept 2012Open
Calculation of CO2emissions incl. manufacture (complete lifespan)Sept 2012Open
Creation of CO2 footprint cupSept 2012Open
Ecobalance assessment of cups vs. disposable jars Dec 2012Open
Checklist sustainability ITDec 2012Open
Check thermal insulation in buildings 1-4 (points from environmental programme 2008 to 2010)Dec 2012Open
New fruit preparation: reduction of raw material loss when loading and unloadingJun 2013Open
Checklist sustainablt buildingDec 2013Open
Lid collection campaign for customers (recycling percentages: HiPP 100%, households 69%)Dec 2013Open
Optimisation of logistics chain (e.g. increased rail use, bundling of orders/deliveries)Dec 2013Open
Encourage use of traditional vegetable, fruit, cereal varieties and animal breedsDec 2013Open
Biotope care/planting appointments with apprentices (approx. 3x year)Ongoing
Vehicle fleet: purchase of EURO5 lorriesOngoing