Sustainability as a company philosophy

Sustainability means striking the right balance between the three dimensions of environment, economy and society.

If we design our environment, society and economy in a sustainable way, then we will have a future and will secure the opportunities of future generations to have lives worth living. We are acting in a sustainable manner if what we do can be continued forever, given the same conditions.

"Keeping the future liveable and lovable for the next generations."

Social objectives

Creating a society which is worth living in in the long term, and fit for the future: create trust and act credibly, actively participate in social and societal commitments, promote social balance and equal opportunities.

Ecological objectives

Preserving nature, the environment and the climate: use resources carefully and sparingly, lower our our CO2 emissions, preserve the soil’s fertility, protect and promote biological diversity, look after cultural areas and landscapes in their original forms.

Economic objectives

Working on a solid basis: fair, ethical behavior in competition, create sustainable values as opposed to short-term profit orientation