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Welcome to our website and thank you for being interested in our company and products. As a matter of course, we take the protection of your data very seriously. Therefore, we like to inform you about how your personal data are processed by HiPP. The website is provided by Ban Choon Marketing Pte Ltd (hereinafter referred to as HiPP).

HiPP processes your personal data only if this is permitted on the basis of statutory regulations, or if you have given us your consent to do so. 

If you would like information or want correction, data portability, deletion, restriction of / opposition to the processing, please contact our customer service via phone 6261 6561 or e-mail hello(at) at any time with regard to your rights to privacy. Further, you can take any questions or complaints you may have, to the responsible data protection officer, A. Maier via e-mail to, or to the competent supervisory authority, Ban Choon Marketing Pte Ltd, Tel: 6261 6561, Email: Thank you!


1. Data processing

There are two ways in which we receive data: either you have given them to us or we have collected them while you used our services.

1.1 Data you have given to us

Generally, you can use our internet website without giving us your personal information directly. If you use certain services, for example the HiPP BabyClub , the newsletter subscription or the contact form, we will ask you for personal information. This might include, for example, your name, your e-mail address or your postal address. This will make the service in question faster and more user-friendly. Some services cannot even be provided without your data input. For further details on all services offered on please read section 2 of this privacy policy. 

1.2 Data we receive when you use our services

Some of the data are collected as soon as you visit our website.

1.2.1 Protocol data

The automatically collected data include the webserver’s protocol data. Every time you access a page of our online services and every time you download a file, the access data related to this process are saved in a protocol file on our server. Each dataset consists of:

  • the preceding page from which the new page or the file was requested
  • the name of the requested file or page
  • the date and time of the request, whether the request was successful and the server capacity utilization at the time of the request
  • the transferred data volume
  • the IP address which you were assigned by the provider
  • if you log on with a user account, also the login information for the relevant web service
  • the device used (mobile, desktop, etc.) and operating system, as well as
  • the browser software used.

Such stored information is exclusively evaluated anonymously for statistical purposes.

1.2.2 Cookies

Cookies are small files, containing a string of characters, in which certain information is stored either decrypted or encrypted. The server sends cookies to your computer where they are stored. They first serve to identify the computer from which you accessed the website. If you log on to a website, cookies are used to notify the server that you logged on and to check whether you are authorised to access the page. Each cookie has an expiration date, from which it loses its validity. Cookies make it possible to keep track of a user's movements from page to page within the website and even from website to website. Cookies can improve the communication between our server and your computer, making website use much more comfortable. Cookies may not only be supplied by the website operator, they could also be from third-party providers. Your browser offers the option of displaying the cookies on your computer, deleting existing ones or setting the configuration of your computer in a way that not all cookies are stored on your hard disk or none at all. Please note that some functions (e.g. logging on) will not work properly if you disable the acceptance of cookies.

Currently, we use cookies on our website for the following purposes, which ensure proper operation:

Type & nameFunction of cookieStorage period
etracker cookiesDetection of returning visitors; description under 1.2.3.
Non-persistent session cookies (Breastfeeding note)Prevents the breastfeeding notice from reappearing during the visit of the website, if the user has indicated that they no longer want it to be displayed.Until the end of the session.
Cookie noteStops the cookie note from reappearing for the duration of your visit on the website.Until the end of the session.
Session cookie (bc_user)Allows you to fill out forms on the website. Maintains the log-in status of the user in the HiPP BabyClub during the visit, in order to be able to offer a high level of user comfort for the various services of the website.Until the end of the session.
Persistent cookie (cookie-disclaimer)Prevents the cookie notice from reappearing during the visit of the website if the user has closed it.Up to one year
Persistent cookie (et_oi_v2)Saves the user's revocation or renewed consent to etracker tracking.Up to 50 years

1.2.3 etracker and the related sub-pages use technologies provided by etracker GmbH (“etracker”) to collect and save data in order to improve its website services. These data can also be used to create user profiles under a pseudonym. For this purpose, cookies can be used. Cookies are small text files that are stored in the website visitor's local browser cache. Cookies make it possible to recognise a visitor’s Internet browser. The data gathered by the etracker technologies will not be used to determine the personal identity of a website visitor, and will not be compiled with personal data relating to the person referred to by the pseudonym, unless agreed to separately by the person in question. The collection and storage of data may be revoked at any time with respect to future services:

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2. Individual services

2.1 Contact form

Our website also features a contact form, allowing you to get in touch with us if you would like us to answer any of your questions individually. In any event, we will collect your first and last name and your e-mail address so that we can contact you. If you give us your phone number, we will also be happy to call you back to answer your query.

All data are exclusively used for answering your query; they will not be used for sales conversations or otherwise for promotional purposes.

We would be happy to inform you about any data we have stored relating to you. For further details, please read section “Contact”.

2.2 HiPP BabyClub

You can register for the HiPP BabyClub by creating a profile of you and your baby on By joining the HiPP BabyClub, you will receive a number of benefits, e.g. product samples and gifts. For a current overview of services and benefits, please go to the HiPP BabyClub homepage.

When first registering with HiPP BabyClub, we will collect your name and address data to be able to contact you. We will also collect your e-mail address so that we can verify your registration and send you the newsletter and parents’ letters. We will also collect the name and date of birth of your child, as we will send you, in particular, age-related parents’ letters and product samples. Please make sure that the data in your profile, especially your e-mail and postal addresses, are correct, otherwise we will not be able to include you as a recipient of our benefits.

In addition, we ask you to please provide a username when first registering. If you would like to participate in our interactive offers, your username will be shown to indicate your contribution. The username is used when you review products, for example. Your contributions are published under your username and are visible for other visitors. When choosing a username, please do not use your real name if you do not want this information to be made public.

As a Club member, you can take part in competitions and prize draws. For participation in competitions and prize draws, please take note of our terms of use and the conditions of entry, which you will find on the respective competition page. In the context of a competition, sometimes personal data, such as a private picture or picture description which you have submitted, is collected and published. In the case of a photo competition, the respective pictures with the user’s added comment and child name are stored and published in the publicly visible gallery.

In addition, we may publish the winners’ first names and first letters of their surnames or their correspondingly chosen data on our website. Some of the prizes are provided by partner companies. As far as is necessary for the redemption or delivery of prizes, we provide our partners with the relevant personal data for the processing of the competition or prize draw within the boundaries of a strictly regulated contract for order data processing. These could be your name, your e-mail address or postal address which are stored in your Club profile. With some competitions or prize draws, entry requires you to perform additional tasks, such as to recommend a friend or to solve a puzzle. In this case, we log whether all conditions for entry are fulfilled to allow for fair running of the competition or prize draw and to protect against misuse of the respective technical functions.

As a club member you will receive our parents’ letter, which provides you with important information and tips, at your e-mail address. In addition, you will receive information about current products and news in the HiPP BabyClub newsletter. You can withdraw from the newsletter mailing list in the context of HiPP BabyClub at any time. This is easiest via the link in the newsletter or via your customer profile, if you are registered in HiPP BabyClub.

If you do not wish to receive any more product samples or want to terminate your HiPP BabyClub membership please contact us via our contact form.

2.2 Newsletters apart from the HiPP BabyClub

We also offer the option of signing up (or signing off) for further newsletters about our products. For registration and communication purposes, we collect form of address, last name and first name. In addition, we collect your e-mail address, so that we can verify your registration and send you the newsletter.

We always strive to improve our newsletter. This also includes the evaluation of the sent newsletter, e.g. whether the e-mail address was reached, whether the newsletter was opened and which links were clicked and whether automatic error messages were created.

The data are exclusively collected and processed by HiPP. The data shall not be forwarded to third parties.

In the context of your registration to the newsletter, you also consent to the described use of your data. You can revoke this consent at any time and you can also object to the newsletter being sent to you at any time. This is easiest if you use the link included in the newsletter, which also contains a description of how to sign off.

3. Social Media

Our page on various social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook) also offers you extensive personal support services and the possibility to stay in contact with us. These social media services also collect personal data, e.g. about the profile you have created or via so-called social plug-ins that are implemented in third-party webpages.

If you send us an enquiry using any of these social media platforms, we will forward the enquiry to the responsible department. The data will exclusively be used to answer your enquiry and will not be forwarded to third parties.

To be able to get in touch with us via social media, you have to register with these services first. For this purpose, the companies behind the service in question will record, store and use personal data if required. We have no influence on the nature, the scope and the processing of such data. This also applies to any images/videos uploaded to social media. Please note that the rights might be transferred to the social media services. You will find the details in the terms and conditions of use and the privacy policy of the respective service provider.

These are services provided by companies based in the U.S.:

Facebook Inc. (1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA)
Instagram Inc (1 Hacker Way, Building 14 First Floor. Menlo Park, CA 94025)

If you open a webpage belonging to our website which contains such a plug-in, your browser will establish a direct connection to the servers of the respective enterprises. The contents of the plug-in are transmitted directly to your browser and integrated in the website. We therefore have no influence on the scope of data which the enterprises in question record with the help of such plug-ins. The information we are therefore providing to you is based on our current knowledge:

By integrating the plug-ins, the respective companies obtain the information that you have accessed certain pages of our Internet offering. If you are already logged into one of the aforementioned enterprises, these are able to assign your visit to the relevant account you have created with them. If you interact using the plug-ins, your browser will send the relevant information directly to the respective company where it is stored. In case you have no user account with any of the aforementioned companies, there is still a chance that they become aware of your IP address and store it.

So it cannot be ruled out that each visitor of our website is detected by the aforementioned enterprises on the basis of their IP address and the URL accessed, even if the visitor neither clicks on the plug-ins nor is registered with the enterprise with a user account.

To find out more about the purpose and scope of the data collection and further processing and the use of the data by these enterprises and your rights and possibilities in this regard and which settings protect your private sphere, please refer to the privacy policies provided by:


4. Contact

Tan Chin Guan
HR & Corporate Affairs Department