Diet Plan: From birth to the 4th month

Breast milk - for as long as you and your child is comfortable

During your baby's first months, breastfeeding is the best for him/her

If you do not breastfeed, industrially manufactured infant formulae is the only alternative. Infant formulae is formulated in a way that completely covers the nutritional needs of a baby during their first months of life. Therefore, they can be used as the sole form of nutrition. Infant formulae, just like breast milk, should be fed according to your baby’s needs – which means as often and as much as your baby wants to drink.

In the first months, your baby satisfies both hunger and thirst by drinking milk. Additional fluid intake in the form of tea or water is only necessary if your baby perspires a lot or loses a lot of fluid (e.g., with diarrhoea).

To find the right HiPP product group, look for the following colour codes on the shelves: