The right nutrition before bedtime

A restful night’s sleep is important for your baby’s growth and healthy development – and it is important for Mummy and Daddy too.

Apart from calming bedtime rituals and the right sleeping environment, filling and easily digestible evening meals that are not heavy on the stomach are also important for falling asleep easily and sleeping through the night. It should go without saying that paps fed before bedtime should not contain added sugars.

After the 4th – 6th month, according to the recommendations of the Research Institiute for Child Nutrition, milk should be substituted with weaning food step-by-step. Many parents have the same question: which pap is the right one for a good night’s sleep?

What is easily digestible, filling and long-lasting, that will therefore allow your baby to get a good night's sleep?

A milk-cereal pap has been the tried-and tested, traditional choice in the evening. The milk it contains provides your child with particularly nutritious and easily digestible protein. Delicate cereal flakes supply energy. The nutritious flakes ensure that the body will have the energy availablefor a longer period of time. This way, your baby will usually sleep undisturbed without being woken up by hunger pangs.

This is the best way to finish off the day and to start a relaxing night:

Pay attention to your baby’s signals. For dinner, they should not be so tired that they almost fall asleep while eating. In order to get through the night, your baby needs to have enough time to eat enough to feel full. Let the day end peacefully and plan to spend some time cuddling so your little on can get ready for bed.

What Good Night Paps are available from HiPP?

Milk that is age-appropriate will supply your baby with the right amount of high-quality protein, and tender nutritious flakes guarantee long-lasting fullness.

Sweet dreams do not need any added sugar. That is why HiPP has decided to use none at all. We have only used ingredients that mothers would also use - plus selected vitamins and calcium, as prescribed by the strict rules for baby's milk-cereal paps. They have no added sugar of course! All HiPP Good Night Paps are of proven HiPP organic quality.

Tip: HiPP Good Night Paps without added sugar can be deliciously blended with some spoonfuls of HiPP Fruit if you like, because they do not have added sugars either.

Don't forget to clean their teeth

Very important: before bedtime, don't forget to clean their teeth! We have put together many important tips on dental protection and dental care here.