Organically farmed fruit

HiPP organic fruit:
Our best for your baby

HiPP fruit is subject to the strictest quality checks from blossoming to harvest to the highest organic standard. We use only mild fruit varieties that are low in acid. They are given time to ripen and develop their full flavour. Wherever possible, we use regional produce and traditional varieties. Our pears, such as the champagne pear variety, a rare, old variety with a rich flavour, are collected in meadow orchards. We control pests the natural way, e.g. by protecting and promoting their natural enemies such as birds and ladybirds. Herb extracts are used to control fungal infestation. All of these methods are in line with our principle: no chemistry, just nature.

Organic and fair

Example: Banana cultivation in Costa Rica

The traditional, particularly tasty banana variety "Gros Michel" grows under optimum conditions in the jungles of Costa Rica. It is very rich in flavour, has the perfect sugar content for baby food and is never found in huge plantations. The indigenous population grows this banana variety in the highland jungle using traditional methods, thereby protecting the jungle’s unique biodiversity.