Babysoft Massage

Regular massages and intensive care are good for your skin

During pregnancy in particular, massages and intensive skin care have a positive effect in keeping the skin elastic. To help the skin of your abdomen, hips and breasts survive pregnancy without any visible consequences, we recommend regularly massaging and treating the affected areas right from the start. There is evidence that regular massage promotes both blood circulation in the skin and the skin’s metabolism, helping to preserve the skin’s elasticity.

Tummy massage

The pinching massage relaxes the connective tissue

Apply the massage oil to a large area of the skin. If your tummy is not all that big yet, we recommend trying out a gentle pinching massage, which relaxes the connective tissue gently:

Carefully grasp small areas of skin between your thumb and forefinger and lift them carefully. You may roll the skin gently between your fingers. Squeeze briefly, let go and smoothen out the skin. Continue in circular movements to reach all areas of your tummy.

Please note:

Rub softly or knead lightly

If you are at risk of early labour, your should consult your midwife or physician before having an intensive massage, as massage may also stimulate undesired contractions.

Once your tummy starts getting firmer, or if you stop enjoying the pinching massage, you can simply spread the oil onto your skin and gently rub or softly knead it in. Glide your fingertips inwards in circular movements, either from the sides or from below.

The best way to prevent stretch marks is to massage the affected skin on areas such as the abdomen, hips and things two or three times a day, starting after the third month of pregnancy at the latest.

Additionally, you can massage your tummy with a dry flannel or a soft body brush.

Breast massage

Circular movements from the outside to the middle of the breasts

During pregnancy, the skin of your breast also has to stretch significantly. For effective care, apply a little massage oil daily and spread it in circular movements in a spiral from the outside to the mid

Hip massage

You should not neglect your hips, buttocks or thighs during your daily massage routine either. A cold rinse stimulates blood circulation in the skin. And after giving birth, massages support the recovery of the tissue.

Tip: Perineal massage

To prepare for childbirth, midwives recommend regular perineal massages. These massages improve the blood circulation and thus the suppleness of the tissue.