First aid for your baby on holiday

Don’t forget to apply for travel insurance! A visit to the doctor can be expensive abroad; therefore, it is useful to take out additional holiday health insurance. Don’t forget the vaccination card!

Risk of sunburn

For your baby, any sunburn is not only unpleasant and painful, it also increases the risk of skin cancer.

It is true that “your skin never forgets.”

The risk of developing skin cancer is increased by repeated sunburn and promoted by frequent UV exposure, especially during childhood and early adolescence. One reason is that the repair mechanisms for sun-induced skin injuries are not yet fully developed in babies and young children.

In addition, the skin would already be damaged some time before the actual sunburn is evident. The risk of long-term damage such as skin cacer is already increased even before skin reddening becomes visible.

Avoid this risk by managing sun exposure in a responsible way.

And if sunburn should still occur:

Use compresses with cool water, diluted black tea or buttermilk for light burns. Cooling lotions or creams can also alleviate pain. Never use fatty or oily creams! In serious cases (especially if combined with symptoms such as vomiting, shivering and fever) your child must see a doctor.

Insect bites

Put onion slices on the affected area, or cool with water, iced water or anti-allergen gels. In case of insect bites in the mouth and throat area, give your child ice cubes or an ice lolly to suck and see a doctor immediately.


Very often, a few spoonfuls of peach, pear or apricot juice will help. This will have a stool-loosening effect. Plum also has a stool-loosening effect. HiPP has it in plum jars and plum nectar juice. Make sure that your baby gets enough fluids. Also, exercise or gentle massages can help digestion. In more persistent cases, please seek the advice of a doctor.

First aid kit

This is what you should have with you:

  • Thermometer and suppositories against fever
  • Electrolyet solution in case of diarrhoea
  • Dressing material, palsters, tweezers
  • Wound disinfectant, gel/ointment for insect bites and sunburn.
  • Any mediation your baby regularly needs.

Keep your emergency kit in your hand luggage!