How do I get my baby used to weaning food?

Depending on the individual rate of development of your baby, milk or formula will no longer be sufficient from the 4th month to the 6th month. Nutritional experts now recommend extending the menu by adding vegetable, potato and meat dishes. Meat is not only rich in protein, but also the best source of natural iron.

First weaning food week

Breakfast Breastfeeding or HiPP Milk Formula (1 Organic)*  
Later in the morning Breastfeeding or HiPP Milk Formula (1 Organic)*  
Lunchtime HiPP Vegetables (e.g., First Pumpkin), followed by breastfeeding / milk formula  
Afternoon Breastfeeding or HiPP Milk Formula (1 Organic)*  
Evening Breastfeeding or HiPP Milk Formula (1 Organic)*  
If required Baby water, unsweetened tea, organic tea & juice, diluted juices  

* Important advice: Breastfeeding is best for your baby. Please ask your midwife or paediatrician for advice if you would like to use an infant formula.

  • At lunchtime, before giving your baby the bottle, start with 4-6 spoonfuls of HiPP Vegetables, e.g., Baby’s First Pumpkin.
  • After the vegetables, give your baby his/her usual milk (breast milk or HiPP Milk Formula) until he/she is full.
  • Increase the amount of vegetables by a few spoonfuls every day.
  • If your baby does not accept the vegetables immediately, be patient. Try over again for the next few days.
  • Use a flat plastic spoon with rounded edges.

From the second food weaning week

  • Continue with vegetables. You can now include HiPP “Mixed Vegetables” or “Carrots with Potatoes” to the menu.

What's next?

  • After your baby has become familiar with vegetables, you can also introduce meals with meats
  • One meal with meat is important to give your child enough iron
  • As soon as your little one finishes an entire menu jar (190g), you can skip on giving your baby breast milk/HiPP Milk Formula at lunch time
  • Some spoonfuls of HiPP Mild Fruit or HiPP Fruit & Cereal as dessert after a HiPP menu from 4 months complete the meal. The vitamin C in the fruit promotes the absorption of iron.
  • The next step would be replacing the evening breastfeeding/bottlefeeding meal with a milk and cereal pap. HiPP Good Night Paps are available in a jar (with no added sugar) or as powder to mix as desired.
  • As the 3rd weaning meal, a cereal and fruit pap (e.g., HiPP Fruit & Cereal) is fed in the afternoons instead of a milk meal.
  • When the baby is weaning and one milk meal has been completely replaced by pap, after his/her 6th month, you can change from infant formula to follow-on formula (HiPP 2 Organic)*. Breastfed babies will continue to be breastfed.

* Please ask your paediatrician for advice if you want to give follow-on formula from a bottle before the end of the 6th month

Tip: The more solid food your baby eats, the more important feeding him/her liquids is. Therefore, offer your baby liquids, but do not force them to drink. You can give your baby diluted fruit juices (1 part juice to 2 parts water).

Important: Never leave the drinking bottle with your baby to suck on for extended periods of time. If your baby drinks just a little in the beginning, do not worry. As long as the baby’s stool is soft, and the diapers are wet and heavy, your baby is getting enough liquid.