Bottle feeds - How to make them tasty!

During the important first few months, infant formulae supply the crucial nutrients for babies who are not breastfed, or only partially breastfed. Apart from correct preparation of the formula, your love and care is also fundamental for your baby’s healthy development

Feeding babies entirely or partially by a bottle does not mean giving them less love and affection. Quite the opposite: hold your baby in your arms, just as you would when breastfeeding and try to maintain eye contact. In this way, your baby will not just be fill, but content too.

The optimal preparation

When preparing infant formula, please always follow the instructions on the packaging carefully. In order to ensure good digestibility and the correct supply of nutrients, it is important that you stick to the indicated amounts of powder and water. As your baby’s immune system still needs to mature, you need to follow certain hygiene rules: only prepare bottles just before feeding and not ahead of time; hands, measuring spoon and all parts of the bottle must be absolutely clean and dry; you should always boil the water you mix the formula with.

Enjoying the right temperature

When you bottle feed your baby, the bottle should not be warmer than 37°C (body temperature). Putting a few drops on the inside of the wrist is a good test. The milk should feel warm, and not too hot. The amount that babies drink differs depending on their appetites and the time of day. Allow your baby to drink as much as he/she needs to be full. If there are leftovers, do not keep them. Please discard the leftovers, as the formula must not be used again.

Clean teats, healthy children

All parts of the bottle and teat must be thoroughly rinsed and cleaned after each meal. Rubber teats should be boiled every now and again (not necessary for silicon teats). Please only use the spoon provided in the respective packages for measuring the powder. This does not need to be washed or sterilised. You will only need to wipe it with a clean piece of paper towel and ensure that the box is stored in a clean, dry place.