When and how often should my baby drink?

When your baby is hungry, latch your baby on to your breast. Your baby will be fed according to their demand and after a few days, lactation would have adjusted accordingly. If your baby’s appetite increases, he/she will want to drink more often: this stimulates lactation and more milk will be available. Higher lactation also means that the period between each feeding will increase as well.

Is my baby receiving enough milk?

The amount your baby drinks can vary from meal to meal, as well as from day to day. One indication that your baby has had enough to drink is that his/her diaper is rather heavy, 4 – 5 times a day. Alternatively, you can weigh your baby once a week.

Changing from breast milk to infant milk - which, when, how much?

There are no set rules for weaning. Both the mother and child will have to get used to the new situation slowly. Therefore, it differs from individual to individual. It doesn’t matter if the decision to wean is made by the mother, or the child, what matters most is that you take it step by step. This will be much easier and less stressful on both of you than suddenly taking your child off breastfeeding entirely.

By replacing breastfeeding with PRE formula one meal at a time, lactation will slowly be reduced without your breasts becoming over full and sore. In this way, you can ensure that your baby is slowly getting used to other food and at the same time, receiving the love and care that he/she needs.

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