Organic for Brain Development

The first five years of life is the period marked by rapid brain growth and most intensive construction of the brain architecture. Up to 50% of a child’s brain reaches its adult size by age 1 year, 80% by age 3, 90% by age 5 and up to 95% by age 6.

This same period is where the brain is most vulnerable to the relatively free passage of toxins into its cells.

HiPP Combiotic is our Purest and Safe Nutrition for nourishment and protection in the first five years

First 5 years of life - A Golden Window of Opportunity

Up to 90% of your child’s brain is developed by age five, making the first five years crucial for a child’s cognitive foundation for lifelong learning and success.

Good digestion and nutrient absorption for brain development

Good digestion and nutrient absorption from dietary intake is critical for your child's body to perform their vital functions.

Low level of pesticide exposure a concern for parents

Even low levels of pesticide exposure may affect children’s health and development