Diet Plan: From the 6th month*

Breast milk – for as long as you and your child is comfortable

* Start with weaning food according to your baby’s development and begin after the 4th month at the earliest and after the 6th month at the latest.

Has your baby only had breast milk or formula in a bottle until now?

Then gradually introduce weaning food as described from the 4th – 6th month. The ideal HiPP products to start with are those with “from 4 months” on the packaging.

Have you started with weaning food after the 4th - 6th month?

Yes – your baby is eating a full proper meal from a spoon? Then you can integrate the second weaning meal into the menu plan; a filling milk-cereal pap in the evening. A cereal-fruit pap in the afternoon is recommended for the third weaning meal.

Early morning and later in the morning: The baby still gets breast milk or HiPP 1.

At lunchtime: At lunchtime you can offer your baby a menu jar. HiPP has many different kinds on offer, so your child can get to know the full range of flavovurs. There are menus with fish, and vegetarian menus. Fish should be on the menu 1-2 times a week. Menus from the 6th month are a bit less finely pureed than menus for after the 4th month. They act as a gentle cross-over to the products containing small chunks for the 8th month on.

For dessert, we recommend a few spoonfuls of fruit rich in vitamin C. The vitamin C helps the body’s absorption of valuable iron from the vegetables.

In the afternoon: You can carry on breastfeeding or giving your child HiPP Milk Formula, In addition to the milk meal, you can also offer your baby a few spoonfuls of cereal-fruit pap – prepared from HiPP Organic Cereal Paps and HiPP Fruit yourself, or pre-mixed as HiPP Fruit & Cereal in a jar.

In the evening: As the second complete weaning meal, a milk-cereal pap now replaces the evening milk. HiPP Good Night Paps are ideal as evening meals. They are available in powder form to be mixed with water.

Your baby will also be thirstier now. Along with the first pap meal, you can let your baby practice drinking, without putting pressure on yourself or them. Small sups are quite enough in the beginning. With the third weaning meal at the latest, something to drink should be offered at every meal. Water and unsweetened teas are best for quenching baby’s thirst. Make sure that thirst is quenched quickly and that the bottle is not used for continuous sucking.

To find the right HiPP product group, look for the following colour codes on the shelves: