What to do about constipation?

Almost every mum-to-be has trouble with her digestion: hard stool and constipation are common complaints. There are various reasons for this. On one hand, it is the fault of the hormones as they block the intestinal muscles so that they move more slowly. On the other hand, the womb expands and simply pushes the bowel aside. Last but not least, many pregnant women simply don’t drink enough liquids.

Instead of the recommended 1.5 to 2 litres, many expectant mothers barely drink half that amount, if at all. Reaching for a bottle of mineral water should become second nature. Fruit and herbal teas also boost digestion.

Nutrition can do a great deal to help get your digestion back on track. What you need now is natural intestinal support. The magic word is dietary fibres. They can be found in wholemeal products, muesli, fresh fruits and vegetables. Combined with fluid, they swell and soften the contents of the intestines. You can additionally stimulate your digestion with the lactic acid bacteria that are found in milk and yogurt products.

Gentle endurance sports also stimulate the bowel function and contribute to a better digestion. If these measures are still not doing the trick, you should consult a doctor!