What weaning food is right for my baby, and when do I start?

During baby’s first four to six months, breast milk and/or formula milk are absolutely sufficient to supply your baby with all the nutrients they need. With regards to the introduction of weaning food, scientific findings today give the same recommendations for children with or without any increased allergy risks.

Act according to the development of your child, and start using weaning food from 4 months at the earliest, and from the 6th month at the latest. Consult with your paediatrician to find our more. Introducing weaning food later does not provide any better protection against allergies.

As for the selection of weaning food, modern science does not place restrictions any longer, as far as allergy prevention is concerned. However, it is a good idea – especially for children who are at risk of certain allergies – to introduce weaning food bit by bit. With simply composed products with just a few choice staple foods as ingredients, you can easily build up your baby’s diet step-by-step. (We only use ingredients with low individual natural allergy risk.)

Proven to be easily digestible for starting on weaning

Start with simply composed products (recognisable with a green A). They only contain a few ingredients, and include products like “Baby’s First Pumpkin” or “Williams Christ Pears”, and extend the menu step by step. This way, your baby has enough time to become familiar with new ingredients one by one, and you can trace back the ingredients that cause any problems.

Further information on the introduction of weaning food is available here.