Transporting baby food on a journey

How can I transport baby food in the car?

Temperatures in the boot can rise up to and beyond 40°C. Therefore, you need to think ahead:

Dry products such as milk formula, cereal paps in powder form and jars of fruit-based foods (Fruit, Fruit & Cereal) are quite robust. These products can be transported in the boot without any problems.

Vegetables and products containing meat (menus), howevery, might go bad if they are exposed to temperatures above 40°C for an extended period of tiem. Therefore, we recommend keeping temperature in mind to keep these products safe. If possible, place them on the passenger seats. Ventilation and air-conditioning will keep temperatures lower.

Transport in the boot: pre-cool the jars in the fridge before you start your trip. Transport them using a cooler bag/box.

Additionally, jars should be stored with care to prevent breakage. Ideally, you should keep the entire tray, still pacakaged in plastic film. All products that you need during the drive should be ready at hand in the car.

Transport on the plane

Baby food can be taken along in your hand-carry luggage in shockproof cases resistant to pressure (e.g., hard-top cases). The jars should be packed carefully to prevent breakage. Also put then in plastic bags. This ensures the other contents in your suitcase are protected in the event of spills.

However, we recommend taking food for the first 2 days in your hand luggage, in case your checked luggage arrives late. This way, you are able to ensure that your baby has all the food he/she needs. Find out from the respective airlines, and airport what baby food you are allowed to carry with you in your hand luggage well before departure.

Storage of baby food at the holiday resort

On holiday, jars should be stored under 30°C. Check before using the jar. The packaging should he undamaged. If a jar or pot is not properly sealed, they will not be suitable for consumption.

With jars, the “lid test”: is helpful: the middle of the lid should be slightly concaved and should not give when pressure is applied. If the lid is pushed outwards, the jar should not be use, for safety’s sake. In addition, when first opened, a clear click should be heard.

With pots and bowls, the “press test” is helpful: hold the pot or bowl upside down and press the sides together. If product runs out, the contents should not be used. On holiday, instant products such as HiPP milk formulae or paps should be stores in a cool, dry place. If it is very hot, it is recommended that unopened dry food be kept in a fridge if possible. Once opened, please do not keep in the fridge anymore. The powder can become moist and go bad. With probiotic formula, probiotic lactic acid cultures may break down in high temperatures. However, it does not pose a health risk.

Have a safe trip and enjoy your holiday!