Diet Plan: From the 7th month

Breast milk – for as long as you and your child is comfortable

* Start with weaning food according to your baby’s development and begin after the 4th month at the earliest and after the 6th month at the latest.

At about this age, some babies get their first teeth. They can also move their tongue and their entire mouth better. Their food can now contain some small chunks so that babies gradually get used to having chunkier food.

Early morning: In the morning, breast milk or milk formula can still be fed. Breastfeed your baby or prepare some HiPP 2 Follow-on Milk. Follow-on milk is adapted to the special requirements of older babies and provides your baby with all important nutrients which they need in addition to weaning food. From the 8th month, your baby can learn to drink milk formula out of a cup. This promotes development and is better for the teeth.

Late morning: During late morning, you can continue to breastfeed or give HiPP 2 Follow-on Milk. If your baby is very hungry, you can offer some cereal-fruit pap on top of milk – either prepared by you or HiPP Fruit & Cereal in a jar.

Lunchtime: From the 8th month, you can offer your baby our menus for from the 8th month. These contain tender, small pieces to encourage chewing. Learning to chew is important for development and for learning to speak. The portions are larger for this age group as your baby now needs more to feel full.

In the afternoon: A cereal-fruit pap is ideal. New fruit varieties ensure a wider range of flavours. You can also mix a pap yourself using HiPP Organic Cereal Pap and HiPP Fruit. Directions for doing so can be found on the HiPP Organic Cereal Pap package. For a change, you can feed your baby HiPP Fruit & Yogurt in the afternoon.

For first nibbles from the 8th month, there is a variety of HiPP snack articles such as HiPP Baby Biscuit or HiPP Rice Cakes. These products are ideal complements for between meal feeding and also promote chewing and the development of jaw muscles.

In the evening: There are different varieties to milk paps to mix.

Drinks: With the third weaning meal at the latest, you should offer your child something to drink with every meal. Water, unsweetened teas, or diluted fruit juices are the most suitable.

To find the right HiPP product group, look for the following colour codes on the shelves: