Iodine for the thyroid gland

Why is iodine so important?

Iodine is of special importance for the entire metabolism of the body, and in particular for the thyroid gland hormones, which regulate the energy balance in the body and thus the physical as well as mental development. And it is exactly these hormones which need iodine as “fuel”. A lack of iodine will cause the thyroid gland to enlarge – even visibly – the well-known goitre is also named struma.

According to the WHO (World Health Organisation), Germany ranks among the regions in the world where iodine deficiency is a problem even today. This is still not well-known, and neither is the fact that iodin is so important for metabolism.

As the formation of the thyroid gland hormones start from week 12 of the pregnancy, it is all the more important the mums-to-be make sure they are getting enough iodine. They have to cover not only their own requirements, but should consider that they have an increased need for iodine due to their pregnancy

Good sources of iodine

In general, everything that comes from the sea is rich in iodine. One portion of 200g cod or 100g pollack will supply the daily required amount of 230µg. A further source of iodine is iodised table salt. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, an adequate intake of iodine is strongly recommended to ensure the health of your baby. An ideal supply of iodine is only possible by taking dietary supplements.

Deficiency symptoms

Iodine deficiency during pregnancy may lead to negative physical and mental development of the baby. But it’s not just that: iodine deficiency may also cause hearing and speech problems later on.