Skin care during pregnancy

In pregnancy, every woman’s skin changes.

While the skin of your face will appear more beautiful and fresh due to improved circulation, the skin of your breast, tummy and thighs will now need very special attention. The female connective tissue is, by nature, composed in such a way that it can be easily stretched. In addition, special hormones help to make the tissue even more elastic during pregnancy. This is the only way to make sure that the skin can easily adapt to the growing baby’s increasing space requirement.

Nevertheless, overstretching of tissue frequently occurs during pregnancy (especially in the area of abdomen, breasts and hips), and becomes visible in the form of unattractive stretch marks. Due to the tension on the abdominal wall and hormonal changes, the skin can additionally dry out. Particularly at towards the end of the pregnancy, your skin on your tummy may feel very tight and itchy. Intensive care helps to keep the skin elastic.

Care for the skin

Protection and rich nourishing care is exactly what your skin needs now.

Organic almond oil is particularly well tolerated by sensitive and dry skin, and has thus proved to be perfect for the skin care of babies. What is good for the little ones will also nurture and protect your skin.

Our HiPP Mamasanft Skincare is made with Organic almond extract to help you