What to pay attention to with pumped milk?

Even in the first few weeks, there are often situations, such as shopping, doctor’s appointments, visits or social obligations, where you need to be away from home for long periods of time.

Check if you can take your baby with you – ideally with a companion. You can always find a quiet, secluded area to breastfeed. If not, you can also prepare pumped milk beforehand. The father, or your baby’s caregiver can then feed your baby your milk from the bottle.

Pumped breast milk has to be handled carefully. Please get advice from a certified practitioner.

Pumped milk can be kept in the fridge at +4°C – +6°C (please check the temperature with a thermometer) in a suitable, tightly closed, clean bottle (glass or plastic) for a maximum of 2 days. It should not be kept in the door, but at the back of the fridge – where it is the coldest.


All objects that come into contact with breast milk must be thoroughly cleansed! Wash bottles and teats with warm soapy water and brush and sterilise for 3 minutes or wash in the dishwasher at 65°C.

If the milk is to be kept for longer periods of time, it should be frozen to at least -20°C in a freezer compartment. It is best defrosted slowly in the fridge over 24 hours, or quickly in cold or lukewarm running water (max. 37°C). The seal of the bottle should stay dry. The use of a microwave to defrost is not recommended.

It is best to swirl the bottle briefly before use (use circular movements, do not shake!) as the fat in the milk may have settled at the bottom of the bottle.