Baby’s Skin

What is special about baby skin?

Baby skin is a lot thinner than that of an adult, and the top skin layer has a looser structure and is less resistant. The barrier effect against pollutants is not as well developed and the skin reacts more sensitively to its environment.

The natural acid protection layer of the skin forms in newborns over the first few weeks and regenerates in older children more slowly than in an adult. It has the important function of keeping out bacteria and pathogens.

The top skin layer of children contains more moisture than adults’. At the same time, less sebum is produced. This means that baby and children’s skin is covered by a very thin, water-oil layer and can easily dry out. The protection against cold and injury is also lower.

Why should you use baby skin care products at all?

After birth, a baby’s skin has to quickly readjust to a new environment. After many months in amniotic fluid, it has to adjust to the air and environmental influences.
For quite some time it was thought to be better to not use bath products on baby’s skin. These days we know that washing with water alone dries out baby’s skin. Because baby skin is so sensitive, it cannot tolerate the same skin care products as an adult’s skin.
For this reason, we at HiPP have developed our special baby skin care range HiPP Babysanft which is totally free from undesirable ingredients and takes into consideration the special needs of sensitive baby skin.