Baby Massage

Natural and gentle tender loving care

Important information at a glance

Gentle skin contact is almost vital for babies. Baby massage is a particularly enjoyable way of maintaining the close contact of the mother with her baby, and making the child feel safe and secure.

Regular baby massage

  • Promotes the development of nerve cells and motor skills
  • Has a relaxing and calming effect
  • Can strengthen the emotional bond with the mother and father

Our tips


  • The massage room should be warm and cosy.
  • Be calm and do not rush, as your nervousness is transferred to you baby.
  • Use a soft baby blanket or soft towels to lay your baby down on
  • Even with regular massage, the right time will not always be at the same time of day.  The baby should be awake and not be too tired. Massages should be avoided immediately following a feed or if the baby is ill.
  • Your hands should be warm and your fingernails should be smooth. Do not wear any jewellery that may be unpleasant for your baby.
  • Use high-quality natural baby oils such as HiPP Baby Oil for a relaxing and caring massage.


You can download our instructions for baby massage here, so you can always have all the important information at hand during the massage.

Massage Unwanted?

Before every massage you should note what condition your child is in. If your baby is kicking wildly, the timing is probably not good. If your baby is crying during the massage, try to soothe your baby and try again once it has calmed down. If your child is still restless, postpone your massage until another time.