Toddlerhood – a new era is starting

Happy first birthday to your little one! Now your child is not a baby anymore, but a toddler, who is discovering the world more actively. For this, your toddler needs a healthy diet that provides sufficient energy and lots of nutrients.

Toddlers have special nutritional needs. They need a higher level of nutrient density but cannot yet tolerate everything that adults or older children eat.

Ensure a healthy diet now, e.g., with lots of fruit and vegetables, because this is when children develop eating habits that may stay with them all their lives.

At this age in particular, toddlers are developing the natural desire to do as much as possible themselves.

This also includes eating like the grown-ups. The phrase “I can do this myself” is becoming a part of a child’s daily vocabulary as soon as they start speaking. Encourage the joy of being independent and let your child try out and learn as much as possible about food.

Many parents are a little bit confused regarding the right diet for their toddler at this time. They are not sure whether baby products are still suitable or what can they already eat at family dinners. We would like to accompany and support you during your child’s eventful early childhood with our guidebook.

Adjust the meals you offer according to your child’s development. Some children can already chew well, and like eating the same food as the rest of the family, whereas others may still need pap. When it comes to the choice of foods, there are only very few restrictions.

Please consider our recommendations as guidelines, not a requirement. Diets cannot always follow a plan, because your child will not always eat what is offered. You may also not be at home, or do not have everything you need to follow the plan. That is perfectly ok. It is only important that you offer the meals according to the plan wherever possible and offer balanced nutrition throughout the week.