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Why good digestion and nutrient absorption are important for children’s brain development

Good nutrition is important to support a child’s health, growth and developing brain.1 If a child has poor digestion and cannot properly absorb the nutrients from dietary intake, the nutrients will not be able to perform their vital functions in the body such as providing energy, growing healthy bones, promoting a healthy weight, improving immunity against infections and chronic diseases, and supporting brain development.


Nutrient absorption may be affected by pesticide metabolites that a child may be exposed to from conventional dietary intake. Unlike adults, a young child’s liver and excretory systems are still underdeveloped which may be unable to effectively remove these pesticide metabolites.2 When these are not excreted, they may block the absorption of the essential nutrients needed to support a growing child and affects health and development outcomes.3,4


Young children also lack the enzyme called Paraoxonase-1 that can metabolize and detoxify neuro-toxic pesticides that can disrupt the rapid brain development process causing irreversible and permanent damage to the brain. This natural defense enzyme is only fully developed when a child reaches 7 years old.5,6


When you choose organic milk supplement for your young child, you can have the peace of mind and confidence that you have done your best in keeping your child’s nutrition free from unwanted neurotoxic pesticide residues and in helping support his brain development to last a lifetime.

At HiPP, we put children in the center of attention with our highest standards of purity and safety right from the start. Backed by more than 120 years of expertise in child nutrition and having pioneered organic farming, HiPP Organic Combiotic® uses only our purest organic ingredients produced free from chemical synthetic pesticides and GMOs. Give your child HiPP Organic Combiotic®. Help optimize your child’s brain development with pure and safe nutrition.


Good digestion and nutrient absorption for brain development


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