Scientific interview-
frequently asked questions at the dermatologist’s clinic

Answered by Dr. Christina Schnopp

Clinic and Polyclinic for Dermatology and Allergology, TU Munich

How can a sore bottom be avoided?

Most important are general things such as changing the diaper often, gently cleansing of remaining stool, and drying the diaper area before putting on a new one. If possible, let the baby go without a diaper for a while, protective creams can help with a mild irritation, as most contain zinc which protects from further irritation.

In the case of a real diaper rash, with very red, weeping skin and/or sore spots on the stomach and thighs, the application of medical pastes, creams or solutions with anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties is generally necessary. These can be obtained from your paediatrician or dermatologist.